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Smart Card Solution

Stored value contactless smart card to increase your customers’ loyalty.

Our stored value contactless smart card solution provides retailers with an end-to-end stored value program that supports a range of card based applications including giftcards, loyalty cards and other card-based marketing programs.

Reduced Cost

Electronic stored value smart cards are less expensive to manage than paper-based customer loyalty certificates and coupons as they decrease administration costs, fraud and increase security.

Innovative Customer Loyalty Redemption Scheme

This feature allows you to keep your loyal customers with you on long term basis by tying them with their loyalty points stored in their smart cards.

Effective Marketing Tool

Stored value/gift cards boost brand and corporate identity and they provide an excellent platform for partnerships, special events and seasonal opportunities. Unlike paper based vouchers, electronic cards can be displayed in prominent positions throughout the store as the card carries no inherent value until it is processed at the point of sale.

Increased customer loyalty

The launch of promotional cards for store sales, special promotions can attract new customers and generally drive spending in the stores. Furthermore the prepaid card usage by your customer will encourage them to patronize more of your products and services.

Performance Tracking

The reporting capabilities provide full visibility on issued & redeemed cards, outstanding liability and offers an easier reconciliation process. Cloud based customer loyalty management system ensuring full transaction audit capability on customer queries and disputes.

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