iOrder Mobile

A handheld wireless waiter ordering device integrated with our POS system for your dining restaurant to make it possible for your restaurant to increase waiter’s productivity.

What does iOrder Mobile offer?


Efficient restaurant operations with higher degree of flexibility to waiters for reduce their workload

iOrder Mobile helps the waiter to quickly attend to customer orders by cutting down unnecessary walking between retail floor, POS machine and kitchen. This gives more freedom for waiter and empowers them to efficiently serve the customers.


Seamless communication with kitchen and our POS products

Order information entered by waiter into iOrder Mobile is directly sent to one or more kitchen printer(s) and this helps kitchen staff to prepare food without delay. Further all the order information is seamlessly synchronized with iTouch POS machine and other POS products.


Increased order frequency, diner satisfaction & loyalty

The convenience and speed of wireless ordering together with the accuracy of each order helps to increase customers delight. Satisfied customers are loyal customers and loyal customers order more and dine-in more frequently.


Eliminate ordering mistakes by waiter and add items to outstanding orders when required

As no manual paper based order taking is required, customer order details that the waiter enters are correctly recorded in iOrder Mobile. Order screen and present bill features further assist the waiter to read the order before it is submitted to kitchen.


Loaded with waiter friendly ordering features to fully equip the waiter for multiple ordering scenarios

iOrder Mobile is equipped with waiter friendly features such as takeaway, void item, cancel order, merge bills, split bills, item refund, item modifiers, change table and change pax etc., to fully handle multiple order scenarios that could arise at the customer table.


Increases retail floor efficiency and productivity
Waiter could provide bill figure for customer at the touch of a button
More free time for waiter to provide better customer service
Could link up with a wireless receipt printer if required
Add items to existing orders when required
Easy to use interface and navigation for the waiter
Wirelessly send customer order to kitchen without going to the kitchen
Seamless integration with our POS products
Eliminate order mix up or mistakes from the waiter
Bilingual support

Some key benefits of iOrder Mobile

Ease of use & increased productivity
Increased customer satisfaction
Eliminate order entry errors
Increased Revenue & Order Frequency
Improve waiter efficiency
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