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F&B POS Solution

Increase your F&B business productivity and lower operational costs.

Our Integrated Cloud based PCSPOS iSeries NX F&B solution is ideal for any chain store Food and Beverages retail outlets ranging from small to large . Equipped with fast transaction processing and comprehensive sales reporting, it becomes the definitive choice for busy retailer who manages multi-outlet F&B business on the go.

Electronic food menu - iMenu on a tablet for diners

Our iMenu product is made for self-service ordering on an iPad to take your customers' dining experience to new heights. iMenu seamlessly integrated with our iTouch POS system allowing you to cut-down your manpower costs. Customers could place orders at own pace and order details are directly sent to kitchen for preparation automatically.

Waiter order taking via iOrder Mobile iOS app and iOrder Station

iOrder Mobile iOS app is for iPod or iPad mini for waiters to place orders in a fine-dining restaurant. iOrder Station is similar to iTouch POS hardware but it is designed for waiters to quickly place orders and send them to kitchen. iOrder Mobile app and iOrder Station both are seamlessly integrated with our iTouch POS system allowing the retailer to do away with paper based order taking. iOrder Mobile app and iOrder station both are directly linked to kitchen and they help to increase the productivity by cutting down unnecessarily delays.

iMulti-kitchen controller to effectively manage all customer orders

Order details sent from iMenu, iOrder Mobile together with the iOrder Station are directly sent to the iMulti-kitchen controller. The kitchen controller automatically queue orders and send those orders to kitchen printers in order for the kitchen staff to prepare the orders.

Seamless order processing between all devices

iTouch POS, iOrder Mobile, iOrder Station and iMenu all are seamlessly integrated to one another and work as one to increase retail floor efficiency and to decrease staff costs. iHQ cloud act as the nexus between all these products to give you real-time retail information about your business that can be accessed from anywhere.

Expedited orders with higher retail floor efficiency

Our Integrated Cloud based PCSPOS iSeries NX F&B solution help your retail business reduce queuing time and to increase fast transaction processing. All these are achieved with less investment.

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