iHQ Cloud

Backend cloud based suite of applications to manage your chain outlets/retail locations. iHQ cloud is your Internet Headquarters for retail business which is accessible from anywhere.

What does iHQ Cloud offer?


Self-service and on-demand services

Our iHQ cloud is based on self-service and on-demand service models. The retailer should be able to access our cloud based integrated POS capabilities as and when they are needed. This will help the retailer to be in control of all retail outlets/locations, bringing agility in better retail decisions on current and future trends.


iHQ Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS)

The retailer subscribes and uses our applications running on a cloud infrastructure. The iHQ cloud is accessible from various client devices through a thin client interface such as a Web browser. This gives the retailer peace of mind without having to worry about managing IT infrastructure and we strive to provide best service levels to our subscribers at all times.


Resource pooling across multi-outlets/locations

Our iHQ cloud enables your retail staff to enter and use your retail data at the same time, from any location, and at any time. This is an attractive component for your multi-outlet retail business


Rapid expandability to your retail business

Our iHQ Cloud is flexible and scalable to suit your immediate retail business needs. You can quickly and easily add or remove users, software features, and other resources.


High availability of cloud service

Our iHQ cloud is highly reliable with 99% uptime. Our POS hardware, software, support services and connectivity to our subscribed services are all seamlessly integrated to provide you a worry free experience.


Intuitive user friendly interface and navigation
Access to consolidated sales reports
Modular POS functionality
Retail staff setup and configurations
Easy to use grid based master files
Integrated POS administration and maintenance
Accessible from various client devices and platforms
Auto push of item details to all outlets/locations
Main brand and outlet/location based master file configurations
Seamless communication between all POS products

Some key benefits of iHQ Cloud

Shorter learning curve
Scalability and performance
Reduce spending on technology infrastructure
Achieve economies of scale
Work from anywhere
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