iTouch + DVR

Front end cashier manned POS machine for your outlet/retail location. iTouch includes the ability to record and track customer orders, process multiple types of payment methods and seamlessly connect with our proprietary POS products and services.

What does iTouch + DVR offer?


Ease of use

Our POS software is easy to use, learn and operate. This will considerably reduce the need of having extensive training for your cashier staff and thereby you could look forward to have a quick implementation of our solution at your premise.


Entry of sales information

Our iTouch POS machine allows your cashier staff to quickly enter retail sales information and thereafter it automatically call up the sales price, compute the price at multiple quantities, automatically match sales kits and arrive at running total. All this is done in few seconds thereby reducing your customer queuing time and help to improve your staff productivity.


Easy POS software configurations

We have designed our POS machine/system with the expectation of you are expanding your retail business aggressively. Hence our POS software configurations such as single setup for multi-chain outlets, calculation of tax rates, setting up different levels for sales items, sales kits, promotions and purchase with purchase all can be configured by outlet/location level without having to worry about complex configurations.


Seamlessly integrate with iHQ Cloud

iTouch retail sales information is constantly synchronized via the Internet to iHQ cloud. This gives you the ability to view your retail sales information from anywhere. Sales prices, new promotions, new items all can be configured /updated on the go and can be pushed to your retail outlets/locations with ease.


Text Insertion with DVR system

Text Insertion against relevant transaction video feed to monitor, detect and prevent most type of theft and fraud at cashier counter. This method involves writing the transaction data from the POS system to the video produced by the security camera watching that POS device.


Low-cost, all-in-one POS terminal/printer solution with add-on DVR
Ability to configure cashier user interface based on left or right hand orientation
Elegant hardware design that occupies minimal counter space
Setup unlimited product and configure product variations
Faster transaction response time
Auto-opening and closing of shifts without disrupting operations
Enforced transaction accuracy with built-in validations
Complete audit trail for sales and inventory functions
Highly visible and easy to use/learn graphical user interface (GUI) for cashier staff
Extensive reporting capabilities provides management with key information for quick analysis and decision making
User-friendly pop-up keyboard and operational POS menu system
Customer Loyalty Programme with Smart Card Technology
Customer side display screen for product advertisement and promotions
Ability to connect with our range of proprietary POS products and services

Some key benefits of iTouch + DVR

Integrate with iHQ & our smart card solution
Cashier centric POS software features
Enterprise grade hardware
Faster transaction processing
Support hybrid cloud architecture
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