prima computer system

Cloud Based Integrated POS Solution

Truly centralized integrated hybrid cloud POS system with fast transactions processing and freedom of mobility.

Our cloud based Integrated hybrid POS solution effectively manages your multi-store retail sales without having to use many systems. This is ideal for your small to large scale retail business that requires live sales data at your fingertips, and our cloud POS solution run web-based reporting that lets you manage your store's POS operations from anywhere.

Integrated hybrid cloud POS System

Our POS system runs while online or offline thus ensuring high availability. Our system can run independently without having to solely rely on the internet and data is auto-synced upon Internet re-connection.

Centralized retail chain management

Our solution is perfect for running small to large retail chains like fuel station, minimart, clothing/apparel, footwear, jewellery, food & beverages or a network of shops like fast food chains. All the retail reporting from outlets/retail locations can be accessed centrally by the head office.

Cost effective licensing/subscription based model for our SaaS solution

We understand your budgetary constraints when implementing a new system. Therefore we have come up with a cost effective subscription based model for our software so that you could afford our products and solutions without incurring a fortune for it.

Highly scalable and well-protected multi-layered security for our cloud

As you grow your retail business our solution keeps pace with your growth needs. We have designed our solution to be highly scalable. You can add any of our products/solutions to your existing solution that you purchased from us previously without having to incur any additional charges for new additions. You will only pay for the additional product/solution that you deploy.

Fast and easy implementation cycle

Unlike other POS solution implementations that require great deal of time to implement, our integrated cloud solution only take a short-time to implement. This will help you to go-live with your retail business quickly and effectively.

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