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Fuel Station POS Solution

Manage and monitor all your fuel stations & minimarts with ease on iHQ Cloud.

Our Intergrated Cloud based PCSPOS iSeries NX retail solution is directly integrated with any fuel dispenser, supporting even more than one brand of fuel dispensers at one fuel station without requiring any third party pump controller or middleware.

Cloud based solution equipped to handle multi-locations of fuel station c/w minimart

Our powerful iHQ Cloud provides real-time information on inventories, sales, customer loyalties, and others using the low cost Internet with its secured data encryption.

Fuel & minimart purchases conveniently handled as one sales receipt

Our fuel station POS solution has product group and department, thus although convenience is given to your customer to have one combined sales receipt, there is no compromise in giving you separate analysis on sales of fuel and minimart items.

PCS pump controller communicates directly with fuel dispensers without requiring third party

Our real-time control system expertise enables us to provide fuel station POS solution without requiring any third party middleware and/or pump controller, thus a peace of mind when it comes to technical support of your fuel station POS solution.

Cashierless fuel station and with convenience for customers to pay with cash besides cashless

Nothing better than eliminating handling of cash by cashier and still being able to receive payment in cash from fuelling customer. At the same time cashless payment is encouraged whether pre-paid and/or post-paid with in-house contactless smart card.

Live monitor & playback of CCTV footage from anywhere with smartphone, tablet, or PC

Our PCS DVR (Digital Video Recorder) taking text insertions from any transaction at each iTouch and/or each iKiosk of a fuel station, and allowing a remote quick search by any inserted text for a playback/download of any desired recording footage.

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