iKiosk + DVR

Reinvent the self-service experience of your customers by enabling on-demand access to your products and services. Our iKiosk is designed with the intention of making your customer engages more with your retail business and to enhance every customer’s experience.

What does iKiosk + DVR offer?


Sophisticated kiosk design that fits anywhere in your business premise

Our well-designed iKiosk offers a combination of power and flexibility to handle our retail POS applications for your customers. Our iKiosks are ideal for vehicle fuelling station, shopping malls, theme parks, airports, rental offices, hotels and even hospitals and health clinics almost anyplace self-service transactions will improve peoples experiences.


User-friendly interface with voice guidance during the transaction

The graphical user interface of our iKiosk is intuitive and easy for anyone to operate without spending considerable time at the kiosk. Further to make user experience even better we have step by step voice guided process embedded to our software so that your customer feels more comfortable when using the kiosk.


Seamlessly integrated with our PCSPOS Retail products & DVR solution

iKiosk brings you the powerful integration with our other retail products such as iTouch, iOrder Station and iHQ Cloud etc., by covering the end-to-end retail business process. Integration between all these products gives you time and cost savings together with higher returns on your investment. Further retail transactions from iKiosk can be monitored from anywhere via our DVR solution.


Lowering manpower cost and eliminating cash collection leakage

Our fully automated self-service iKiosk is ideal for current business context where it is difficult to find trained retail staff. Furthermore with the implementation of our iKiosk you are sure to cut-down staff costs without having to compromise on the service that you are providing to your customer. Cash collection too becomes more efficient with iKiosk as it can be integrated to our smart card solutions.


Easy maintenance with minimum support

Our iKiosk is designed in such a way that it is easy to provide maintenance by our support staff without having to affect your daily on-going retail business operations. Besides we believe in keeping our products up and running all the time with no downtime and with minimum product support intervention.


Reduced transaction costs
Reduced human error and reconciliation costs with increased accuracy
Fast and easy order placing with one-touch button
Industrial and rugged construction optimised for harsh environment
Shorten lines at key times, especially for those customers who are in a hurry
Extensive management reporting such as daily analysis of sales etc.
All payments are transacted using cash card/NETS/EZLink/Stored value card
Helps to generate additional income by acting as an advertising booth
Durable, versatile and highly configurable for public usage
Highly configurable user interface

Some key benefits of iKiosk + DVR

Easy installation
Lower manpower Costs
Voice Guided Support
Easy to use
Elegant Design
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