Self-service ordering on a tablet to take your customers dining experience to new heights. iMenu is an interactive touch screen electronic menu application which seamlessly integrates with our POS system, offering restaurant diner a full range of flexibility in ordering together with other interactive services.

What does iMenu offer?


Quick table turnaround time leading to higher sales during peak hours

iMenu will help the diner to quickly place order and call for bill when done dining, all without requiring any waiter thus leading to a quick table turnaround time. This will eventually contributes to higher sales especially during peak hours.


Reduced manpower requirement

Our iMenu is designed with ease of use in mind for the diners so that they could easily do self-service ordering without any assistance of waiter. As a restaurant owner this will help you to have very few waiters even during peak hours of your business.


Interactive vivid visual Experience

Our iMenu is visually pleasing to your diner and we place a great importance in uplifting the image of your brand in the mind of your diner. iMenu can be configured to give prominence to your brand and it will provide your diner with easy navigation when looking for items and placing orders.


Update menu anytime

Make changes to your menu anytime effortlessly and keep them updated. Your waiting staff does not have to face embarrassment of saying NO to a diner of a menu item not available anymore.


Integrate with our POS system and streamlines your business processes

iMenu is seamlessly integrated with our other POS products such as iTouch, iOrder Mobile, iKiosk, iOrder station together with iHQ Cloud by giving you the freedom to use variety of our POS products to suite your business processes. This will greatly automate and streamline your business by reducing manual work by your staff.


Intuitive easy to use navigation menu screens for diner
Promote your specialty items and offers
Increases the speed of ordering & quick order placement
Better pricing flexibility for your items
Higher order values due to impulse purchase of add-ons by customers
Higher customer satisfaction due to less waiting times
No cost of menu printing & centralized control over electronic menu
Cutting edge technology to improve brand perception
Allowing diner to ask for bill without the need to call for waiter
Prevent Human Errors & provide immediate feedback
Search capabilities that allow the customer to narrow their item selections
Bilingual Support

Some key benefits of iMenu

Improved order accuracy
Increased customer satisfaction
Improved operational efficiency
Increased sales of promotional items
Lower staff costs
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