Prima Computer Systems (PCS) is a solutions-oriented IT strategic business unit of Prima Limited of Singapore specializing in integrated cloud based chain-store point of sale (POS) systems, real-time process automation systems, intelligent contactless card access systems, interfaceable digital video recording systems, and contactless smart card stored value systems with loyalty features.

We at PCS take pride in our expertise and industry experience in providing solutions to Retail, F&B, and Fuel Station sectors. Our on-going product Research and Development (R&D) is aimed at continuously enhancing and providing best products and solutions to our valued customers to increase their bottom-line and to maximize their potential for growth.

We believe we can help you achieve the following;

Execute our products and solutions to best suite your retail business needs

Establish your presence in relevant industry domain and to maintain your competitive edge

Enhance your business operations and processes to cater to future growth and to gain maximum return on your investment

Experience & Expertise

PCS has expertise and years of experience in designing, developing and managing POS systems. We are one of the pioneers in Singapore for providing hybrid cloud POS solutions for diverse retail industry segments.

PCS, as your solution's provider will ensure a long-term relationship for growth and success of your business.

We are confident that we could be a vital factor in increasing your retail productivity and bottom line needed to keep your business ever competitive in this fast changing world.

Experience & Expertise
Integrated hybrid cloud solution & Software as a service

Integrated hybrid cloud solution & Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our integrated hybrid cloud based POS solution allows busy retailers to fully manage and engage with retail outlets/locations from anywhere.

Our iHQ cloud platform is built with enhanced security, speed and robustness to cater to your growing retail business needs.

Our integrated hybrid cloud solution is highly scalable and well-protected with multi-layered security to safeguard your valuable retail data at our data centre in Singapore.

Innovations in products & Solutions

We have a talented and experienced in-house software development team who continuously does product Research and Development (R&D) to further enhance the features and capabilities of our products and solutions.

Our aim is to provide our customers with software solutions that are on-par with current industry best practices and latest technology.

Innovations in products & Solutions
Dedicated staff & Support

Dedicated staff & Support

We have a team of dedicated customer support staffs that caters to training and after sales services.

We adopt a philosophy of good customer service and are there to support our customer at all times.

Our Sales and Marketing team is always ready to answer your inquiries and to handle obligation-free demonstrations and presentations of any of our product or solution.

Consultation & Training

We provide free consultancy for our valued small to large scale retail enterprise customers in order to better equip them with cloud based retail chain store solutions.

We also assist our customers with highly configurable/parameterizable bespoke solutions with the use of latest technology to streamline their retail operations and business processes.

Our consultancy services to the customers will cover complete end-to-end retail solutions together with product training and support.

Consultation & Training

PCSPOS iSeries NeXus (NX) is a complete end-to-end integrated cloud based POS solution designed for small to large scale chain store retailers to cater to their retail business needs from retail merchandising, F&B, to fuel station chain stores.

We at PCS always strive to introduce new products and solutions to our valued customers to stay up-to-date with latest technologies to create more efficient, productive and profitable business.

PCS value proposition is always focused on the objectives of its customers, adding real value to their chain store retail business, facilitating growth of outlets, lowering operating costs, securing success and partnering them for long term.

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