POS Integrated DVR Solution

Capture and monitor your retail transactions with ease.

Text Insertion against relevant transaction video feed to monitor, detect and prevent most type of cash register theft and fraud. Solution involves writing the transaction data from our POS system to the video produced by the security camera watching that POS device.

Provide detection and prevention against cash register theft and fraud

Our DVR solution stores all the transaction data against the video produced by the security camera and if you suspect any fraudulent activity you can always refer back to any of the transaction to see whether there are any discrepancies with them.

Easy to read POS text overlay

The DVR solution is fully integrated and synchronized with our iTouch and iKiosk POS machines. All data communications between POS machine and DVR are seamless thus providing you with an instant text overlay on the video against the relevant POS transaction.

Quick Search

Quick search capabilities are there for single video search and playback with transaction data. Search criteria: keyword in the receipt, transaction event (start/stop/void), or start time.

Monitor retail locations/franchise stores from anywhere

Our iTouch & DVR solution help you the retailer to view all your retail locations from anywhere just by logging into our iHQ cloud. This will help you to keep close track of your business no matter wherever you are.

Reduce customer claims

Outlet personnel can easily search and find the recorded CCTV video which shows what the customer bought, and use it as evidence to decide on validity of any claim. This could help the store solves any customer claim.

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