Our reseller partner program is envisioned with flexibility in mind so that you as our partner could get most from your time, effort and investment. We at PCS believes in creating win-win situations with our partners so that the long-term growth potential can be achieved together to reap greater rewards and returns.

Benefits of our partner program

Increase your revenue growth potential

Earn greater returns on your effort, time & investment

Leverage on our best products, solutions and practices

Create opportunities with our co-marketing resources

Continuous product R&D with modern technologies


How do I join as your reselling partner?

If you are presently based in Singapore or in Asia Pacific Region you can join us as our reselling partner. All you have to do is contact us so that we could understand you better and further our mutual relationship.

What are your criteria for selecting a reseller?

You should be coming from a stable business background and you should be willing to put considerable time, effort and energy to market our products and solutions so that best results can be achieved quickly.

What are my liabilities of being your reseller?

Legally speaking, it is your own business. Therefore you are accountable for all debts due to any financing and from your business purchases.

Do I need to have any prior experience/qualification in selling IT products or solutions?

No it is not necessary, as we will be providing advice on how you should proceed. However having prior experience will be an advantage to quickly realize return on your time, effort and investment.

What are the long-term benefits of joining as your reselling partner?

You have the flexibility to run your own business and to associate with a prominent well-known brand name.

What are reselling partner do's and don'ts?

The do's and don'ts for a reselling partner are spelt out in the Reseller Partner Agreement.

What are the products and solutions I am eligible to sell?

As our reselling partner you are free to sell any of our products or solutions without altering any software, hardware, products or solutions.

Be Our Partner

The current market momentum, increased demand for retail and F&B products & solutions are ever growing together with greater potential to deliver innovative technology solutions to highly sophisticated customer. If you would like to be our prospective reseller partner now is the time to act.

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